Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama Sushi

It doesn't stop with his face, though, which is made from small shrimp and rice for the skin, black sesame seeds for the hair, and processed fish paste for the teeth (so that's how he keeps his teeth so shiny white!).

Let's take a look at the final product, plus how all the little pieces were made.

This right here, though it doesn't quite look it, is one of several cars which appear on the main platter. The window is made of cucumber, and the lights are made from mountain burdock root.

Vroom Vroom!

The American flag portion was made with lots of raw fish (what else?). The red stripes are made from Tuna, and the white made from raw squid. This is going to be the best portion, for sure.

Of course, nothing is complete without a big "USA" somewhere in it. To do this, leftover cooked egg was put in a food processor (will it blend?) with some rice. Let me tell you now, that's only one way to make yellow rice. Back in my day!

Also made from the "yellow rice" were these smiley faces. Won't be so happy when they get eaten. Well, it's about time, let's look at the finished product!

There it is with the master himself (Mr. Kawazumi). I love the "V" up in the top middle area (V for victory!), and I also love how tasty it looks. Time to go make some absolutely retarded looking sushi in my own kitchen!


Spirituality in Breast showroom Umbul Manding

There are no restrictions written for women who bathe in water that is condemned. They are prohibited from covering its breast. Consequently, the ritual also show breast ornament. Especially in the evening Friday Legi ....

Spirituality breast Umbul Manding clean water sources in the village Semanding, Keca. Pucanglaban, Kab. Tulungagung, Central Java. Since the water debit in the first place this is indeed great. In fact, even during long dry, Umbul is never short of water.

Because the water debit is relatively large and clean, the water source is used since people first Semanding village and surrounding areas. Particularly for cooking, bathing, washing, and even to irrigate rice fields. His course, Umbul the Manding in the mountains of water which is very difficult.

That could be said unique, a place that is usually used for bathing since first deliberately left open. Not covered anything. In fact, the bathroom there is not only men but also women. They join to become one with bath.

Is there a sense of shame at the heavy-handed or themselves? Perhaps because the habit has become, then there is no shame if you feel that views people, especially the type of opponent. Even if the women are bathing them is no need to feel busy hiding his breast. In fact, there is an impression that breast deliberately exhibited.

For citizens not immigrants who, when bathing in Umbul forced to cover his breast. One of them, such as experienced Darsini, a teacher assigned to teach elementary school in the area.

Bu Darsini confess initially very embarrassed if Umbul in the bath. However, because there is no water source in the village than the place serve Umbul, he also had a bath there. Because of the shame, the initial bath when he was forced to wear clothes. Take a long time because the regular shirt is removed, so it Bra. Finally, if a bath naked chest.

"Do not know why, but perhaps because of habit, now that I took a bath with the residents. Overall breast showroom," said Bu Darsini a smile. While there is near his father a teacher he did not feel ashamed anymore. "Leave, from the views of others, better friend own views, "his caprice.

Because the ritual bathing naked chest, the chance that anyone can see through the clear breast women village.

View from the close, the Village Semanding is still quite conservative. For example, people believe there are still a variety of ancient beliefs. For example, virgin came hours before the first tooth should be rubbed. The reason is, if the breast has been coming months so that its big fast. If it is so, let the virgin quick sales.

Because it is still customary to believe and trust, the number of women in there who can not complete basic education is still very high. For even though still the primary breast is visible most immediately married. Generally parents feel ashamed if there have children who breast virgin is most visible, but not yet married.

Strangely again, for those who are not virgin, returning from a bath Umbul always naked chest.

"Later, if not naked breasts even be thought people still virgin. But I have three children," said Yu Sayem information when requested by mystery.

Why in the bath Umbul Manding left open? And, if the bath is also why women should be naked chest?

Apparently this is related to the community Semanding a legend. They believe the story of a village maiden named Srikunti.

In some forty years ago, joined the list so Srikunti prospective civil servants. In fact he received. Even then the village is the interest of teachers in primary Semanding.

Despite Srikunti already become a teacher but he does not change. Against anyone he still does not make. So many people to him sympathy. One is called the foreman forest Basman. Basman love Srikunti received. Both promised to live together.

Finally, after marriage, Basman to Srikunti brought home his parents who also have the Village Semanding. At first they lived this credo. Srikunti own time is like living in the house law.

But the life of households have only hurdle it. Srikunti hear when a newspaper like the drunken husband. Even though he is reminded, her husband still does not want to hear it. Basman nearly every day because even stagger home drunk.

Feel disappointed because, secretly Srikunti leave home. So that people do not look after Maghrib him a new departure. But after he arrived in the Umbul Munding even stop. Then he sat on the edge umbul. His mind to go someplace where. He remember his parents and his brother-younger brother. Heart trouble.

Does not feel, so long Srikunti already sitting in the pile edge Umbul. While he will leave Umbul, suddenly appears in the water from a daughter of the giant smooth ride. The daughter about Srikunti.

"You do not despair and be firm," said the daughter. "I want to come help you. Now return to the home of your parents. Provide interest rate of seven colors. Tomorrow bring it here. What you will have accomplished, "it said.

After saying so, beautiful daughter of yesteryear where somehow lost. Visible in front of live Srikunti that struck earlier climbed the daughter.

Meanwhile, at home looking for his wife Basman confused. Have sought to go abroad but do not have.

Middle of the night time, Basman have heard the news that a woman fainted near Umbul Munding. He immediately went there. In fact, women who fainted in the near umbul is his wife.

Once aware, Srikunti told what it experienced. Srikunti heard the story, showing confidence in him has taken away invisible Bulus White. Meanwhile, Basman promised not drunk anymore.

Srikunti the message that girls find magical. He provides seven flower colors. After that, taken to the Umbul accompanied Basman, her husband.

Both are awaiting the arrival daughter. But in the long wait until the night the girl never came.

"What is the trick my daughter, so he does not come?" Srikunti think in the heart.

Because there are no signs of the girls came, Srikunti and Basman Umbul decided to leave. But just step over, suddenly heard a voice calling them.

"If you do not want a lot of wealth in a hurry!" Said a voice from within Umbul.

"You what?" Ask Srikunti.

"My invisible Bulus White waiting Umbul Manding."

Basman and Srikunti halt. They appear in front of a beautiful daughter sweet.

"If you want rich, so try to keep this source Umbul still big!" Said the daughter again.

"How?" Ask Srikunti.

"It's easy. All the women here do not have a bath when the cover breast. For, if there is the cover to its breast, invisible Bulus White angry."

After such a message, the daughter disappears.

Somehow, the story of mouth is ultimately trusted by many people. Especially residents Semanding Village and surrounding areas.

Yes, because many still believe that, until now still many people who seek blessings to Umbul Manding. What if Legi Friday night, many residents outside the Village Semanding come. They perform rituals show breast.

Unique scenery we could see. After the bath Umbul from the Manding, who return home with lots of naked breasts. His left breast seen people.


Half-hour days Circle

Hours This classic design has not found much more,

after half a lap full of lead, will return to the original position:


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weird Fish head Transparent

Fish has a head like fighter cockpit, with the cylinder as a very sensitive and on top of the lens-lens rounded green. This fish is found alive in the depth of the sea in offshore California by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and this is the first found.

In front of the cylinder Pacific fish but this was not the organ of smell. Eyes like grayish cylinder that is under the green dome of light filtering function. Picture above shows the eye that leads to the top - better to see its prey in the sea in the darkness. Researchers found that the eyes that can rotate to move on its axis (Pivot).

Fish sometimes steal fish from siphonophora - jelly can grow to a length of more than 33 feet (10 meters) - see picture above.
Fin-fin horizontal able to make it swim with caution between particles pro sting of siphonophora. If a bit slip, protective helmet on his head as to protect the eyes.

This fish lives in the depth of 2000 feet (600 meters) below sea level, where almost soupy marine water. Fish is known to spend lots of time with only the silent, motionless with eyes toward the top. Such lenses green eyes on each filter sunlight, making this fish can focus on the light from the small jelly-jelly or other quarry over on top of it. Then his eyes will rotate to the front to follow its prey, and to get help.