Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Not Have a Cat Shio???

So I told, the Buddha intend to call the animals to be positioned as the blessings and the year. Among all animals that are called, yes, rats. This is a bit underhanded mice. I have a wonder "why not have shio cats do?" is because turbulence mice. Mouse fable of the same cat I was meeting with the Buddhist day after tomorrow, when the original tomorrow. Turbulence that is, cats do not currently and it is also thanks to the launch enmity between cats and mice.

I'm watching from the anime 'Fruits Basket' [Furuba] I can mouse position first of all because he is shio ride the cow / buffalo. He was a buffalo that although I was quite slow, but the diligent.
So he stay above the water buffalo (without the water buffalo) and is so close to the Buddha, he was directly in front of the buffalo jump automatically so the mouse is' the first 'came before the Buddha. That is why shio rats that spelled out the many benefits.

Back to the story of Chinese books, the buffalo seems not chapfallen also why the tiny mouse that I can currently many blessings. Create the buffalo, the blessing should be obtained from the body size and body he was clearly more than the mouse. The buffalo eventually challenging both their mouse so that the road in the village get together with people for assessment of village who is big. The rat agree, with the condition he could enlarge the body several times. The buffalo agree, Moreover the rat would want to raise the body of what? Stay where large buffalo everywhere.

Finally, the rat body enlarge some times while the buffalo body still as usual and they just walk in the village. Of course people in the village of breath and sight-point mouse while the "Wow, I had not see the mouse is that Mouse is huge!" Yes yes yes please, also the name of the mouse body is raising a few times. The water buffalo? Yes because there are no changes, the village is considered normal. There is no comment on the buffalo.

The mice eventually to the buffalo, "the village people have commented how the size of myself and they are not any comments about you. Clearly, I am more" and the buffalo are a little slow, he finally confessed defeat.

So that is why mice can be number one position in the shio and why not have a cat in the range shio


Why Cats Causes Infertility accused???

Whether Toxoplasma and Toxoplasmosis that?
Toxoplasma or Toxoplasma gondii is one kind of animal bersel often called protozoa. Toxoplasma is a parasite that can transmit human and animal.

Who can be infected with toxoplasma?
All people can be infected with toxoplasma. Men and women both young and old can be infected with toxoplasma

Why cats are considered as the main source of toxoplasma infection?
In fact all warm-blooded animals can be infected with toxoplasma and transmit to humans. Toxoplasma breed follow a life cycle (such as life cycle in the butterfly). Toxoplasma can develop with the split self (non-sexual) and sexual (gamet macro and micro gamet). In the animal-animal than toxoplasma cat breed with non-sexual way. Cats is the definitive female trader toxoplasma. In the body of a cat, toxoplasma can breed with the sexual and non sexual.

How do I toxoplasma infection?
Cats infected with toxoplasma the only ookista spread in a certain time, which is about 10 days of infection. After 10 days the amount of ookista distributed and usually have very little risk of transmission is very small. The distribution ookista this usually occurs in young cats. Ookista the spread does not usually occur in adult cats because their immune system better and can control its own relatively toxoplasma infection is.

Why do people who do not keep the cat can be infected with toxoplasma?
Toxoplasma found widely around the world. Cats are not the main source of toxoplasma infection. That the person never swallow toxoplasma cyst that is still alive. Cyst can be located on the vegetables or meat cooked that is not perfect.

Really toxoplasma spread through saliva and cat fur?
No. Infectious form of toxoplasma is bradizoit and cyst, cyst removed only by a positive infected cat feces through. During the fur and cat saliva does not contain cyst we will not be contagious when toxoplasma pet cat fur. Even if there is cat fur in the cyst, and to move our hands when soap feather, transmission can still be prevented by washing hands with soap to clean.


Why did The Couple You be Dishonest???

The reason is:

1. Emotional escape from the party.

2. Curiosity about what sex with other people who are not spouses.

3. Anger or hostility with the potential partner.

4. The desire to experience more types of sex or sex that is different from that obtained from the spouse.

5. Encouragement ego.

6. The failure of commitment in the form.

7. Avoid the problem of marriage, or private.

8. To eliminate pain due to loss, for example, the death of a beloved person or a child go to school elsewhere.


Why film porno film called 'blue' (blue film)???

This can be said of the law in Connecticut that year about the 1781 law for the Puritans who set the law is quite hard which is considered very ancient and rigid, which was then known by the term "blue laws"

So things that reek taboo and forbidden (time U.S. still prohibit pornographic film) is often called the term 'blue' But I have also said that the term 'blue movie' is taken from the gestures of dance striptease stage using a background color blue .


Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Lavish Bath Soap On The Beach???

If we do wash activity, whether a bath or wash clothes after playing on the beach, perhaps unwittingly we will spend a lot of soap than if we wash them in a far from the beach. Why?

This is most likely occurred because the water that we use have a high hardness, although it is not the only cause.

Hardness is one of the chemical nature of the water. Hardness of water into the cause is due to an ion-ion Ca2 +, Mg2 +. Or can also be due to a ion-ion of the polyvalent metal (metal bervalensi many) such as Al, Fe, Mn, Sr and Zn in the form of sulphate salts, and klorida
bicarbonate in the number of small.

The Hardness is the ability to precipitate soap water, where the soap is mixed
by ion-ion that I mentioned above. Because the causes of dominant / Hardness is the primary Ca2 + and Mg2 +, Ca2 + in particular, the meaning of Hardness as limited nature / characteristics of water that describes the amount of the ion concentration of Ca2 + and Mg2 +, expressed as CaCO3.


Why at The Time Women Become Emotionally Menstruasi???

Many women experience physical inconvenience for a few days before they come menstruasi period. Approximately half of all women suffer due dismenore, or menstruasi that painful.

This is especially common during the early-early adulthood. Symptoms of interference can be menstruasi soften the breast, the nipple pain, swelling, and resentful. Some women experience a significant disruption, such as heavy cramps caused by muscle contraction, smooth muscle uterus, headache, pain in the middle of the stomach, nervous, tired, nasal congestion, and want to cry. In the form of the most serious, often involving depression and anger, this is known as the symptoms of PMS or cramps, and may require medical handling.


Why Number 8 is The Number of Fortune for China???

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is associated as a number of prosperity and fortune no utmost, refers to the form of number 8 which does not drop out. Beautiful number, date of 8/8/08 is also considered lucky to many who want to make it a special day. Why is this number into a number that special?

China have a special reason for this number. Number 8 is believed to bring luck as close to the meaning of words better.

In China, a date is believed to bring luck if a number similar to the word that means good. Number 8 is one of them. That also make the Beijing Olympics starting at 8:08:08 pm on 8/8/08 this.

'8 'In Mandarin is' ba' and the Cantonese say'8 'with' Paat '. The word 'ba' sounds similar to the word 'fa' from the Chinese and the 'faat' language of Cantonese. 'Fa' and 'faat' prosperity have any meaning.

Can be ascertained, on 9 September 2009 or the upcoming date 9/9/09, Chinese citizens will again make a scene. Because, said the'9 'in Chinese sounds like the word' long age '.

Sally Faubion, a professional Numerolog in San Francisco, USA, has a different view. He believes the number 8 means money, power, and fame.

But he holds today is not good days to get married. The reason is, 8 plus 8 is 16.

"And 16 is a number that brings loss, sorrow, and less communication," said Faubion


Why do Cats Have Nine Lives Spelled???

Have a cat named Sabrina who fell 32 floors of the building.

This story comes from New York. Of the great cat he is safe and only minor injuries, not only Sabrina, the cat was safely on the other events that are similar. In fact if we compare it with the men, who fell from a height like that I can be serious injury or ill-fated ....... but why can cats safely?

Cat appeared to have a powerful tool in the balance inside the ear. He can reverse quickly when the body falls, and can eventually landed with four legs in bending position. Landing speed was about 95km/jam. After that there is one fact that the research revealed that in New York that a cat died when a 10% fall from a height of 2-6. But even 5% survived when a cat falls from floors 7-32.


Why is My Face All Pimply???

Of a blotch, in general, caused by a number of factors, among others, hormonal factors, the effects of the closed pore in the dust, excess oil production, or bacterial infection, but several other conditions also can trigger the occurrence of whelk. Particularly highly related to body condition and treatment to your facial skin.

The offspring can also lead to a severe pustular can. The genetic opportunities can be derived through the pustular nature genes that affect the condition of the skin so that increase the likelihood of a pimple.

For example, a skin oil gland overaktif and skin regeneration ability differences that are not normal. Regeneration of the skin does not cause the normal dead skin cells pile on the pore-pore, this situation certainly increase the likelihood of a stoppage in the oil channel gland and skin inflammation, because the activity of the bacteria like the pile of fat.

In addition, consumption of drugs kortikosteroid (both oral and topikal), which resulted in decreased body resistance, this is due
activities that are less good bacteria increased.

Last is the result of the use of cosmetics that contain a lot of oil or use a powder foundation integrates with / two way cake powder. the use of cleaner / cleanser that is too much more oil can clog the pore-pore


What If There is a Vapor, The Vapor in Proximity Participate (sex)

According to the theory of medicine, we yawn because oxygen levels in our lungs are low. In the lungs there is a bubble-bubble alveoli. If you do not get fresh air in sufficient amount, the bubble will be deflated balloon like gas shortages. As a result, the lungs akan 'spastic' a bit. To overcome the brain we ordered the body to do something, such as vapor, so that more air into the lungs.

Is it contagious yawn? This is also examined. Some people say, vapor is psychological symptoms, we can say on ourselves to do this or not. On the basis of this is they assume evaporate not "action" infectious. If the spread of course we will not be able its control.

However, most people again if vapor is infectious. Yes, such as the phenomenon of vapor in the angkot? Or can also be when people in front of the vapor, we will vaporize. Sometimes when reading an article about the vapor, without making us aware of the mouth "callisthenics fresh lungs." In fact, if being alone thinking about the vapor, we will evaporate! According to Prof. Provine from Maryland, USA, when people yawn in front of us, then our bodies will react, organize themselves so that we are forced to evaporate.


Why Lunar Eclipse Can Occur???

Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is located at a position between Earth and sun, so close all or part of the sun light. Although the Moon is smaller, Moon shadow sun light is able to protect completely because the Moon is the average distance of 384,400 kilometers from Earth closer than the Sun has an average distance of 149,680,000 km.

Miscellaneous eclipse Sun

Based on the occurrence of the peak of the eclipse time, eclipse the sun can be divided into:
1. Total solar eclipse
2. Eclipse sun ring
3. Sun eclipse ring-total (hybrid solar eclipse)
4. Partial sun eclipse

1. Total sun eclipse
At the total solar eclipse, the sun disc is closed by plate month. When this total solar eclipse, the size of the disc months or greater than the sun disc.

2. Sun eclipse ring
Sun eclipse in the ring, the tip of the Umbra does not reach the surface of Earth. Only Umbra extension only (the so-called anti antumbra or Umbra) that reaches the surface of Earth. Although the entire disc is in the months before the sun disk, but the smaller size of the sun disc, a result not all of the sun disc is closed. The fringe of the solar disc disc not closed the month, is still luminous, while the middle plate is closed dark days. Therefore eclipse solar eclipse is called a ring.

3. Sun eclipse ring-Total (Hybrid eclipse Sun)
Sun eclipse ring - total solar eclipse is rare. On this type of solar eclipse, in some places in the face of the Earth, the solar eclipse is observed ring, while in other places total solar eclipse.
This may happen because the peak of the eclipse at the time, the peak cone Umbra Moon is (almost) right on the surface of the Earth, and in this location will be observed total solar eclipse. While on location in the east and west of the location before, a dark shadow fell on the surface of the Earth is not the Umbra, but the extension Umbra (antumbra), so for the total phase at this location is the observed solar eclipse ring.

4. Some of the sun eclipse
Partial lunar eclipse on the sun, lunar eclipse occurs when the peak, does not cover the entire disc week sun disc and disc is not all days are in front of the sun disc.

Also known term central eclipse and non-central eclipse. Central eclipse is a lunar eclipse occurs with the line have the Sun-Moon to the Earth surface. If the line does not cut the surface of the Earth, lunar eclipse is called non-central eclipse. Total solar eclipse, solar eclipse ring, and the total eclipse the ring-including a central eclipse. While some of the sun eclipse, which is central there is not.


What is Called The Flower Shoes???

Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.) is a bush plant Malvaceae tribe who came from East Asia and planted as ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical regions. Flowers large, red and not smell. Interest from various kultivar and hybrids can be a single flower (corolla one layer) or two flowers (corolla layered) that the white to yellow, orange to dark red or pink.

In Sumatra and Malaysia, the hibiscus flower is called the feast. Interest is defined as the national flower of Malaysia on 28 July 1960. People call this the flower worawari. Flower Java is used to shine shoes in India and as a flower offering. In China, a red flower that is used as food coloring. In Indonesia, the leaves and flowers are used in many traditional treatment. Dried hibiscus is also drunk as tea.

In Okinawa, Japan, the plant used as fencing. In the southern part of Okinawa, this plant is called hana Gushōnu (后生花, hana Gushōnu? Flower of life after death) and many in the cemetery.


Why There Must be " Valentine Day "???

The story begins when King Claudius II (268 - 270 M) have a policy that forbids soldiers-soldiers is to get married. According to King Claudius II, that is not married then the soldiers will be aggressive and potentially in the fight.

This policy be gazed by St. Valentine and Saint Marius, they both secretly wed the soldier remains and young people, the long run their actions known by the king Claudius, the king angry and decided to give sanction to the Valentine and Marius is a saint the death penalty.

Before die, Saint Valentine and Saint Marius imprisoned before, in prison, Valentine acquainted with a girl child's jailer, and then this girl look faithful to the death of Valentine Valentine. Die before Valentine, Valentine still had time to write messages to the girl, the contents:

'From Your Valentine'

After the death of Saint Valentine and Saint Marius, people always remember the saint and celebrate as a form of expression of love Valentine, two-hundred years later, the year 496 BC after the death of Saint Valentine and Saint Marius, Pope Galasius inaugurate the date as 14 February 496 Valentine day.

That is the history of Valentine that day to remember and commemorate the two holy Catholic Christian life of sacrifice for love.


Why Only 28 Month Feb Day???

After browsing here that I almost understand that most of the days that we often hear coming from the Roman era, such as the month of July that actually originated from Julius Caesar, or the previous month in August but changed Sextilis named by Caesar into August August (August) or such as in February that the name of one god in the Roman era Februus.

History in first week in February is 29 days each year and will be 30 days when the leap year. Then changed to 28 days by Caesar that day in August and moved in August. That's why in July and August all of 31 days.

Leap year alone according to most people is the year that is divided out 4. Suppose such as the 1992, 1996 or 2004. The division of these four does not apply if the year is a year behind that number two is to have zero as of 2000, 1900 or 1800. For years the two have zero behind can dianggep as if leap year divided by the number out 400 such as in 2000.


Why People Like to Drink Coffee???

A study in the U.S. had carried out on 28,000 women who consume more than six low-caffeine cup of coffee (decaf coffee) per day. The study shows that those who consume caffeine that coffee has a lower risk of diabetes is approximately 33% lighter than those who consume caffeine and coffee that does not consume coffee.

Study was approximately 11 years and never published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The result is quite contrary to previous research that states that caffeine consumption does not reduce the risk of diabetes.

The researchers in this study to analyze the data from the postmenopause women in 1986 until 1997. Giving kuisioner made to ensure the consumption of coffee by the woman. Kuisioner is associated with several diabetes risk factors, such as age, body mass index, physical activity, alcohol consumption or smoking habits. ?

Compared with those who do not consume coffee, the group of six women who consume coffee cup every day that has 33% lower risk for diabetes affected.

When the researchers split the analysis between groups of women who consume coffee berkafein and low-caffeine coffee, it is known that the risk reduction is dominated by groups that consume low-caffeine coffee, even with age and body weight are different.

The researchers suspect the possibility of other low-caffeine in coffee that are associated with low risk of diabetes. Mineral found in coffee, such as magnesium and acid fitat, useful to control the blood sugar in the body.

In addition, coffee also contains some substances that have fitokimia activity of antioxidants is high enough, so it can protect cells produce insulin in the pancreas against the damage that can cause the risk of diabetes. Coffee consumption is potentially highly visible to help reduce the risk of diabetes. However, the need to do more research on the mechanism to identify and determine the type of low-caffeine coffee in a role that can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Please note, coffee consumption of more than six cups per day, have side effects such as dehydration. So if someone want to reduce the risk of diabetes itself, the practice of sports and regular consumption of healthy foods that must be run with the appropriate and correct.


Why is Sea Water Salty Taste???

Before we have introduced that sea water is salty taste certainly.

In fact the rain water to wash and dry land into ditch, river and lake, while a salt-soluble salt to the water sea.The difference is much older than water in other parts of the - estimate about 4 or 5 billion years old compared to only the million years. Billion during the year sea water has been re-experiencing the continuous cycle-namely water vapor, which then fell into the rain water to the land and flows back to sea while a new cargo of salt. Cycle going again this will automatically increase the salinity in the sea.


Why Menara Pisa in Italy and I Can Italics Transmissivity Collapse

Sloping tower in Pisa Italy, became so because of a design. its architect, Bonanno Da Pisa, make a mistake when build a tower in the year 1174. Establish the foundation is guilty only 3 meters deep. Can be compared with a high tower that reaches 56 meters. As a result, in the middle of the project, the land around the tower shifts, and the tower is to be italic, so the project must be stopped. Development projects carried back and finished in the year 1350, with three of the eight vertical level is built to change the gravity point of the tower has been outside the mindapproximately 5.1 meters from the design Italia . Before corrected, the tower is still sloping up to move now, and always will be some more sloping millimeter per year.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why is Sakura Japanese National Flower???

In indonesia, this expression may mean, "beautiful flower in a short time, and killed."

This (he said) in their psychiatric Japanese people who often choose to leave the name of the dead live without charm.

From the stories we may recognize samurai "suicide", or do more often referred to as "seppuku" by the Japanese. Or maybe in between we are still remember the term "kamikaze" in the second world war. "Seppuku" and "kamikaze" (he said) envisaged in the nature of the sakura flower in the short autumn flowering ago.


State Why The United States is also The Country Uncle Sam???

Uncle Sam, symbol of a figure the United States, is a portrait of a bearded man and a high white-haired, he was often dressed in red, white and blue, and wearing a hat.

Origin of that Uncle Sam as a symbol of the United States is not known with certainty, but a lot of outstanding people and received theory is that Uncle Sam was taken from Samuel Wilson.

In the war year 1812, Samuel Wilson was a businessman from Troy, New York is sending food to the form of U.S. meat, packing it labeled "U.S." (which means the United States). When asked what the acronyms mean the U.S., one of Wilson's staff said that it stands for Uncle Sam Wilson. The idea that the shipment of meat came from "Uncle Sam" to bring inspiration that Uncle Sam is a symbol of the Federal Government and the pursuer. Tahun1961, Congress introduced a resolution to approve Samuel Wilson as the inspiration from Uncle Sam symbol.


Why White House Told???

The central government building in various countries, have different names. State Palace to Indonesia, Malacañang Palace for the Philippines, Russia for the Kremlin Palace,

Palacio Miraflores for Venezuela, for the Blue Building South Korea, Rashtrapati Bhavan to India, Buckingham Palace to the UK, and
of course White House for the United States.
Also interesting to know that the central government called the White House ( "White House") that has not been officially called by the name of it - until 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States. While building has stood since 1800 - when the United States second president, John Adams and build a government of the first building it. Imagine 100 years without the official name ...

Then why be named White House? In fact there are reasons why the building is called the White House who is the authorized name.

In the year 1812, the United States to war against England. In the war called "the most foolish war" who had studied America - United States army attacked and burned the building of Canada Governor General of British residence in Toronto. Of course this treatment by the British. Counterthrust UK troops repel United States, even to reach areas of Maryland - where there is a United States President residential building. United States President at that time (James Madison) were forced to flee to Virginia.

As a reward up residence incendiarism British Governor General in Toronto, British soldiers are burning residence of President of America Building. Contents and the building interior was burned out. The only part remaining outside the wall.

After the war ended, the building was renovated again. To cover the color of charred remains of fires - the entire building be painted with white. From the white building that is more commonly known by the name "White House" - which became the official name the United States residence of the President ...