Monday, March 30, 2009

Why People Like to Drink Coffee???

A study in the U.S. had carried out on 28,000 women who consume more than six low-caffeine cup of coffee (decaf coffee) per day. The study shows that those who consume caffeine that coffee has a lower risk of diabetes is approximately 33% lighter than those who consume caffeine and coffee that does not consume coffee.

Study was approximately 11 years and never published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The result is quite contrary to previous research that states that caffeine consumption does not reduce the risk of diabetes.

The researchers in this study to analyze the data from the postmenopause women in 1986 until 1997. Giving kuisioner made to ensure the consumption of coffee by the woman. Kuisioner is associated with several diabetes risk factors, such as age, body mass index, physical activity, alcohol consumption or smoking habits. ?

Compared with those who do not consume coffee, the group of six women who consume coffee cup every day that has 33% lower risk for diabetes affected.

When the researchers split the analysis between groups of women who consume coffee berkafein and low-caffeine coffee, it is known that the risk reduction is dominated by groups that consume low-caffeine coffee, even with age and body weight are different.

The researchers suspect the possibility of other low-caffeine in coffee that are associated with low risk of diabetes. Mineral found in coffee, such as magnesium and acid fitat, useful to control the blood sugar in the body.

In addition, coffee also contains some substances that have fitokimia activity of antioxidants is high enough, so it can protect cells produce insulin in the pancreas against the damage that can cause the risk of diabetes. Coffee consumption is potentially highly visible to help reduce the risk of diabetes. However, the need to do more research on the mechanism to identify and determine the type of low-caffeine coffee in a role that can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Please note, coffee consumption of more than six cups per day, have side effects such as dehydration. So if someone want to reduce the risk of diabetes itself, the practice of sports and regular consumption of healthy foods that must be run with the appropriate and correct.

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