Monday, March 30, 2009

Why There Must be " Valentine Day "???

The story begins when King Claudius II (268 - 270 M) have a policy that forbids soldiers-soldiers is to get married. According to King Claudius II, that is not married then the soldiers will be aggressive and potentially in the fight.

This policy be gazed by St. Valentine and Saint Marius, they both secretly wed the soldier remains and young people, the long run their actions known by the king Claudius, the king angry and decided to give sanction to the Valentine and Marius is a saint the death penalty.

Before die, Saint Valentine and Saint Marius imprisoned before, in prison, Valentine acquainted with a girl child's jailer, and then this girl look faithful to the death of Valentine Valentine. Die before Valentine, Valentine still had time to write messages to the girl, the contents:

'From Your Valentine'

After the death of Saint Valentine and Saint Marius, people always remember the saint and celebrate as a form of expression of love Valentine, two-hundred years later, the year 496 BC after the death of Saint Valentine and Saint Marius, Pope Galasius inaugurate the date as 14 February 496 Valentine day.

That is the history of Valentine that day to remember and commemorate the two holy Catholic Christian life of sacrifice for love.

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