Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Only 28 Month Feb Day???

After browsing here that I almost understand that most of the days that we often hear coming from the Roman era, such as the month of July that actually originated from Julius Caesar, or the previous month in August but changed Sextilis named by Caesar into August August (August) or such as in February that the name of one god in the Roman era Februus.

History in first week in February is 29 days each year and will be 30 days when the leap year. Then changed to 28 days by Caesar that day in August and moved in August. That's why in July and August all of 31 days.

Leap year alone according to most people is the year that is divided out 4. Suppose such as the 1992, 1996 or 2004. The division of these four does not apply if the year is a year behind that number two is to have zero as of 2000, 1900 or 1800. For years the two have zero behind can dianggep as if leap year divided by the number out 400 such as in 2000.

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