Monday, March 30, 2009

Why is My Face All Pimply???

Of a blotch, in general, caused by a number of factors, among others, hormonal factors, the effects of the closed pore in the dust, excess oil production, or bacterial infection, but several other conditions also can trigger the occurrence of whelk. Particularly highly related to body condition and treatment to your facial skin.

The offspring can also lead to a severe pustular can. The genetic opportunities can be derived through the pustular nature genes that affect the condition of the skin so that increase the likelihood of a pimple.

For example, a skin oil gland overaktif and skin regeneration ability differences that are not normal. Regeneration of the skin does not cause the normal dead skin cells pile on the pore-pore, this situation certainly increase the likelihood of a stoppage in the oil channel gland and skin inflammation, because the activity of the bacteria like the pile of fat.

In addition, consumption of drugs kortikosteroid (both oral and topikal), which resulted in decreased body resistance, this is due
activities that are less good bacteria increased.

Last is the result of the use of cosmetics that contain a lot of oil or use a powder foundation integrates with / two way cake powder. the use of cleaner / cleanser that is too much more oil can clog the pore-pore

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