Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Lunar Eclipse Can Occur???

Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is located at a position between Earth and sun, so close all or part of the sun light. Although the Moon is smaller, Moon shadow sun light is able to protect completely because the Moon is the average distance of 384,400 kilometers from Earth closer than the Sun has an average distance of 149,680,000 km.

Miscellaneous eclipse Sun

Based on the occurrence of the peak of the eclipse time, eclipse the sun can be divided into:
1. Total solar eclipse
2. Eclipse sun ring
3. Sun eclipse ring-total (hybrid solar eclipse)
4. Partial sun eclipse

1. Total sun eclipse
At the total solar eclipse, the sun disc is closed by plate month. When this total solar eclipse, the size of the disc months or greater than the sun disc.

2. Sun eclipse ring
Sun eclipse in the ring, the tip of the Umbra does not reach the surface of Earth. Only Umbra extension only (the so-called anti antumbra or Umbra) that reaches the surface of Earth. Although the entire disc is in the months before the sun disk, but the smaller size of the sun disc, a result not all of the sun disc is closed. The fringe of the solar disc disc not closed the month, is still luminous, while the middle plate is closed dark days. Therefore eclipse solar eclipse is called a ring.

3. Sun eclipse ring-Total (Hybrid eclipse Sun)
Sun eclipse ring - total solar eclipse is rare. On this type of solar eclipse, in some places in the face of the Earth, the solar eclipse is observed ring, while in other places total solar eclipse.
This may happen because the peak of the eclipse at the time, the peak cone Umbra Moon is (almost) right on the surface of the Earth, and in this location will be observed total solar eclipse. While on location in the east and west of the location before, a dark shadow fell on the surface of the Earth is not the Umbra, but the extension Umbra (antumbra), so for the total phase at this location is the observed solar eclipse ring.

4. Some of the sun eclipse
Partial lunar eclipse on the sun, lunar eclipse occurs when the peak, does not cover the entire disc week sun disc and disc is not all days are in front of the sun disc.

Also known term central eclipse and non-central eclipse. Central eclipse is a lunar eclipse occurs with the line have the Sun-Moon to the Earth surface. If the line does not cut the surface of the Earth, lunar eclipse is called non-central eclipse. Total solar eclipse, solar eclipse ring, and the total eclipse the ring-including a central eclipse. While some of the sun eclipse, which is central there is not.

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