Monday, March 30, 2009

Why do Cats Have Nine Lives Spelled???

Have a cat named Sabrina who fell 32 floors of the building.

This story comes from New York. Of the great cat he is safe and only minor injuries, not only Sabrina, the cat was safely on the other events that are similar. In fact if we compare it with the men, who fell from a height like that I can be serious injury or ill-fated ....... but why can cats safely?

Cat appeared to have a powerful tool in the balance inside the ear. He can reverse quickly when the body falls, and can eventually landed with four legs in bending position. Landing speed was about 95km/jam. After that there is one fact that the research revealed that in New York that a cat died when a 10% fall from a height of 2-6. But even 5% survived when a cat falls from floors 7-32.

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