Sunday, March 29, 2009

State Why The United States is also The Country Uncle Sam???

Uncle Sam, symbol of a figure the United States, is a portrait of a bearded man and a high white-haired, he was often dressed in red, white and blue, and wearing a hat.

Origin of that Uncle Sam as a symbol of the United States is not known with certainty, but a lot of outstanding people and received theory is that Uncle Sam was taken from Samuel Wilson.

In the war year 1812, Samuel Wilson was a businessman from Troy, New York is sending food to the form of U.S. meat, packing it labeled "U.S." (which means the United States). When asked what the acronyms mean the U.S., one of Wilson's staff said that it stands for Uncle Sam Wilson. The idea that the shipment of meat came from "Uncle Sam" to bring inspiration that Uncle Sam is a symbol of the Federal Government and the pursuer. Tahun1961, Congress introduced a resolution to approve Samuel Wilson as the inspiration from Uncle Sam symbol.

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