Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Cats Causes Infertility accused???

Whether Toxoplasma and Toxoplasmosis that?
Toxoplasma or Toxoplasma gondii is one kind of animal bersel often called protozoa. Toxoplasma is a parasite that can transmit human and animal.

Who can be infected with toxoplasma?
All people can be infected with toxoplasma. Men and women both young and old can be infected with toxoplasma

Why cats are considered as the main source of toxoplasma infection?
In fact all warm-blooded animals can be infected with toxoplasma and transmit to humans. Toxoplasma breed follow a life cycle (such as life cycle in the butterfly). Toxoplasma can develop with the split self (non-sexual) and sexual (gamet macro and micro gamet). In the animal-animal than toxoplasma cat breed with non-sexual way. Cats is the definitive female trader toxoplasma. In the body of a cat, toxoplasma can breed with the sexual and non sexual.

How do I toxoplasma infection?
Cats infected with toxoplasma the only ookista spread in a certain time, which is about 10 days of infection. After 10 days the amount of ookista distributed and usually have very little risk of transmission is very small. The distribution ookista this usually occurs in young cats. Ookista the spread does not usually occur in adult cats because their immune system better and can control its own relatively toxoplasma infection is.

Why do people who do not keep the cat can be infected with toxoplasma?
Toxoplasma found widely around the world. Cats are not the main source of toxoplasma infection. That the person never swallow toxoplasma cyst that is still alive. Cyst can be located on the vegetables or meat cooked that is not perfect.

Really toxoplasma spread through saliva and cat fur?
No. Infectious form of toxoplasma is bradizoit and cyst, cyst removed only by a positive infected cat feces through. During the fur and cat saliva does not contain cyst we will not be contagious when toxoplasma pet cat fur. Even if there is cat fur in the cyst, and to move our hands when soap feather, transmission can still be prevented by washing hands with soap to clean.

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