Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Menara Pisa in Italy and I Can Italics Transmissivity Collapse

Sloping tower in Pisa Italy, became so because of a design. its architect, Bonanno Da Pisa, make a mistake when build a tower in the year 1174. Establish the foundation is guilty only 3 meters deep. Can be compared with a high tower that reaches 56 meters. As a result, in the middle of the project, the land around the tower shifts, and the tower is to be italic, so the project must be stopped. Development projects carried back and finished in the year 1350, with three of the eight vertical level is built to change the gravity point of the tower has been outside the mindapproximately 5.1 meters from the design Italia . Before corrected, the tower is still sloping up to move now, and always will be some more sloping millimeter per year.

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