Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why White House Told???

The central government building in various countries, have different names. State Palace to Indonesia, Malacañang Palace for the Philippines, Russia for the Kremlin Palace,

Palacio Miraflores for Venezuela, for the Blue Building South Korea, Rashtrapati Bhavan to India, Buckingham Palace to the UK, and
of course White House for the United States.
Also interesting to know that the central government called the White House ( "White House") that has not been officially called by the name of it - until 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States. While building has stood since 1800 - when the United States second president, John Adams and build a government of the first building it. Imagine 100 years without the official name ...

Then why be named White House? In fact there are reasons why the building is called the White House who is the authorized name.

In the year 1812, the United States to war against England. In the war called "the most foolish war" who had studied America - United States army attacked and burned the building of Canada Governor General of British residence in Toronto. Of course this treatment by the British. Counterthrust UK troops repel United States, even to reach areas of Maryland - where there is a United States President residential building. United States President at that time (James Madison) were forced to flee to Virginia.

As a reward up residence incendiarism British Governor General in Toronto, British soldiers are burning residence of President of America Building. Contents and the building interior was burned out. The only part remaining outside the wall.

After the war ended, the building was renovated again. To cover the color of charred remains of fires - the entire building be painted with white. From the white building that is more commonly known by the name "White House" - which became the official name the United States residence of the President ...

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