Monday, March 30, 2009

What If There is a Vapor, The Vapor in Proximity Participate (sex)

According to the theory of medicine, we yawn because oxygen levels in our lungs are low. In the lungs there is a bubble-bubble alveoli. If you do not get fresh air in sufficient amount, the bubble will be deflated balloon like gas shortages. As a result, the lungs akan 'spastic' a bit. To overcome the brain we ordered the body to do something, such as vapor, so that more air into the lungs.

Is it contagious yawn? This is also examined. Some people say, vapor is psychological symptoms, we can say on ourselves to do this or not. On the basis of this is they assume evaporate not "action" infectious. If the spread of course we will not be able its control.

However, most people again if vapor is infectious. Yes, such as the phenomenon of vapor in the angkot? Or can also be when people in front of the vapor, we will vaporize. Sometimes when reading an article about the vapor, without making us aware of the mouth "callisthenics fresh lungs." In fact, if being alone thinking about the vapor, we will evaporate! According to Prof. Provine from Maryland, USA, when people yawn in front of us, then our bodies will react, organize themselves so that we are forced to evaporate.

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