Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama Sushi

It doesn't stop with his face, though, which is made from small shrimp and rice for the skin, black sesame seeds for the hair, and processed fish paste for the teeth (so that's how he keeps his teeth so shiny white!).

Let's take a look at the final product, plus how all the little pieces were made.

This right here, though it doesn't quite look it, is one of several cars which appear on the main platter. The window is made of cucumber, and the lights are made from mountain burdock root.

Vroom Vroom!

The American flag portion was made with lots of raw fish (what else?). The red stripes are made from Tuna, and the white made from raw squid. This is going to be the best portion, for sure.

Of course, nothing is complete without a big "USA" somewhere in it. To do this, leftover cooked egg was put in a food processor (will it blend?) with some rice. Let me tell you now, that's only one way to make yellow rice. Back in my day!

Also made from the "yellow rice" were these smiley faces. Won't be so happy when they get eaten. Well, it's about time, let's look at the finished product!

There it is with the master himself (Mr. Kawazumi). I love the "V" up in the top middle area (V for victory!), and I also love how tasty it looks. Time to go make some absolutely retarded looking sushi in my own kitchen!

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