Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lemon Strawberry Cheese Cake Recipe

Want to give a special gift for your dear? Hmm .. cheese cake with a soft dough tongue caressed it fitted as an option. Not difficult to make and taste a touch of lemon and strawberry flavor that inspires fresh taste.

This Lemon Strawberry Cheese Cake Recipe, What's Called Took from DetikFood.

Material :
750 g cream cheese / cream cheese, room temperature until bairkan
200 g sour cream / sour cream, allow it to room temperature
250 g granulated sugar
1 lemon imports, skin scarring
Chicken eggs 7
2 pieces of chocolate cake / chocolate sponge cake *)
Fresh Strawberry
Brown ornamental

How to make:
- Beat cream cheese, sour cream and sugar with mixer unit medium speed or with a wire whisk until the sugar has dissolved and smooth.
- Add the grated lemon peel and beat until egg as well blended and smooth.
- Prepare 2 pieces brass ring 22 cm. Wrap with aluminum foil.
- Place the chocolate cake at the bottom of each pan.
- Pour the cheese mixture to 2 / 3 full.
- Place the pan of cookies in a larger pan. Give hot water up to 1-2 cm high.
- Bake in a hot oven temperature 160 for 30-40 minutes until the surface of the frozen cake.
- Remove and chill.
- Decorate cake with decorative material.

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