Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 This Guy I Like to Lie ???

Because it does not Like One
How do make a mistake. But they prefer to persevere even if incorrect. They have the ego and the potential still survive

Because i do not like screaming
I do not like to argue with the guy. More easily to the bed rather more honest I'm not clubbing the reply SMS night night. How do I debate potential long silent. So .. it just choose the fable.

Because i do not like to be humiliated
If you feel like a fool in the case, they will prefer to write up the story. That is one of the defensive mechanism when they feel ashamed.

Because it takes space
What also needs a friend familiar with the road or its own main street with a girlfriend. Rather than make frustrated girlfriend, mild fabrication course.

More because it falls in love with the other
When i like the same guy again, he will make hoax to make a small girl so like. Example: when the guy knows like Justin Timberlake, then the girl will also like when you do not.

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