Monday, April 6, 2009

Why do Man Like The Ball

Why do like the ball?

Ball season comes again. This great celebration and scandalize the guy in the entire world. The girl may feel annoyed because for a couple of weekends to do their front pair prefer watching the game ball from the attention to themselves.

But why so, so do all the sports, especially football. Well, there is a research done by the husband and wife team named Allan Pease and Barbara Pease. Results of research and developed in several books that become best seller now. In fact the results of their study, like the example taken from the whole world was very interesting.

While still a child, children do have training dolls to educate children and children like kicking the ball and pursue training as a "hunting". As adults, the girl doll to replace them with children, but the guy is still kicking the ball. But in reality, not much has changed in hundreds of thousands of years - it is still hunting and still do take care of children.

By the end of the century to-18, agriculture and animal husbandry techniques have been increasingly developed, which means that hunting activity for food is no longer a priority. To overcome the problems of frustration because they were no longer needed to pursue the goals and, like the use of two activities, namely work and sports. Both of these activities involve all elements in the hunt: spy, chase, and zero in on target.

Consequently, 90% of all modern sports ball came between the years 1800 and 1900 M of activities as hunting. Once again, this is the reason why almost every girl obsessed by work and exercise them, while almost all do not. In fact, various forms of modern sports is as a substitute for hunting activities.

With a partisan favorite sports team, a guy can once again become a member of the group hunting. When he was champion in the field watching him fantasize himself Himself who shot and print that number. It can become so emotional when they watch the football so that they feel as if they are involved in the real play there. Their estimate of the brain make up the speed, angle, and direction of the ball and happy whenever they cry out "murder" or goal happen.

They can remember the details of the life-goal or score a touchdown in a game there a few years ago, and his eyes can shine when discussing what should be done by the players and the results that should occur. For example, after the English World Cup win in 1966 against Germany, almost no one in the UK that it can not mention the names of the players, goal-scorer that they almost made, and tactical errors that occur. This is the extraordinary skill, but they still do not know the names of the nephew, or neighbor on Mother's Day is celebrated.

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