Saturday, April 4, 2009

Men Who Fear Commitment Seen From The Nature The Are Below

Defensive and tend to be disputatious if the things they could do. Men such as this shows that he is not yet ready to compromise. A relationship with them only makes you tired because I think he is the best and most correct. Meanwhile, in a relationship, compromise is the dominant one of which must be owned by the couple who seriously intend to marriage. If it is not yet ready to compromise, he would tend to fear commitment.

Neglect of money and time. So they can pay bills late and difficult to adjust the time. Men like this tend to be careful and still "busy" with himself. This may look trivial, but actually it shows a lack of responsibility towards themselves. Facing his own course he is "busy", especially when involving spouses must be in "rushing" it.

Lack of responsibility tends to make men afraid to commit. He doubts the ability to make their own spouses.

Refuse to think of the future. This feature is one that clearly indicates he still want to roam free and have fun as can be. For a pair is a means to have fun, not to engage in a more responsibility.

Difficult to show feelings. Men in the sense that clearly does not like a woman who is open and can be easily. But if you as a partner he was difficult to share a story, it shows that he is not ready to share. While the commitment to talk about sharing, sharing life, feelings and other things also.

Often delay the work. People often delay work is that people still want freedom and do not wish to be bound to do something special. In the case of a wish that he was still free, especially in the scope of relationships that would be very binding on itself.

Do not have the motivation alive. Type of men such as this clearly very distressing. How can he afford to build their own family if he still does not know what you want in life. To have a commitment may not even occur in the brain

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