Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Married Men Scared???

According to James Douglas Barron in a book titled She wants a Ring-and I Do not Want to Change a Thing, for most married women the decision is an intuition.

Instead of a man, marriage is like the puzzles to learn from the first series until the next series. No wonder if the marriage seems to be a very frightening specter of men.

As the reason for the Adam-backed withdraw the decision to get married? Of course not. According to Barron, at least, there are 10 reasons that make men fear to marry, as below:

1. They consider long-term commitment would damage the beautiful relationship that has been stranded.

2. Married does not make them free to live as single. Here the self-governed wife. As a result, opportunities for flirting and there was only a little more.

3. They are mostly thinking about something that actually does not need to. For example, the fear that at any time after the marriage, eh suddenly even fall in love with another woman.

4. Divorced! Perhaps, this is a most important point to make the married man to be afraid.

5. Trauma. Not a little man with the trauma of the failure of their marriage both parents. Rather than repeat the bad history of both parents, they get frustrated married.

6. Marriage makes the men should be more compromise with the pair. In fact, the attitude is they are able to kill them in slowly. Ah, so I cooked?

7. Lazy affair with domesticity, such as shopping and managing children.

8. Bored! It seems to make marriage the man stuck in a routine that is-only that, work, pinch back to keep his wife home.

9. Marriage also requires them to live life in the desert, controlled, and full privacy.

10. Do not want to get stuck with the routine life of the sex-that's it!

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