Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animal-animal Pole Changed the Color of Winter

Polar wolves

Starting in September, the polar wolf fur is brown, the color changed to white to be helping the winter. When summer comes, once again the color changes to brown, better help him hiding in their habitat. Polar wolves living further north than other types of wolves and the rat-mouse hunt for food to its poles.

Rabbit Pole

Like polar wolves, the color changes coursing poles is also absolutely the case. Although during the summer brown with black spot is, when entering the winter its fur color changed to pure white. Not only help guard still warm, in the midst of snow when they go out of its nest.

Ptarmigan (grouse Pole)

Ptarmigan (grouse) or known as the Ptarmigan mountain in North America is a popular bird that changes color from brown to be white with the exception of the color of its tail remains as the original black or brown. These birds prefer to be in the height and area of barren and often perch on the rocks or still are in the snow (hiding), rather than in the trees where they are easily visible in the winter.

Pole deer (caribou)

Generally, a kind of reindeer skin color is between brown and white, but never entirely brown or white. In summer the dominant color brown neck but still whitish color, while in winter white color spread and a clear brown color even though it does not completely vanish. Level also changes color depending on the condition of surrounding habitat.

Ermine (weasel)

Ermine (weasel), also known as the short tail weasel, is a member of the weasel family's small. Ermine is the animals at night (although sometimes they also come out during the day) is now found in many polar regions Asia, Europe and North America. See how this animal back to its color change from brown to be whitish in winter.