Saturday, April 4, 2009

What Sex is Delicious...???

Must be properly explained because .... Intimate relationship as well in the anatomy better sex men and women, have the nerve cell sensoris. Touch and feel the excitement can be shaped ereksi genitals, have sent a signal to the muscles around the couple to react. Bliss also appear because the brain's nerve stimulus that, when triggered by the stimulus of vision, touch, caress in sex, or dots-sensitive male or female.

Pleasure-each person is different, depending on the response sensoris nerve, muscle, nerve cells, and brain.

Women's experience begins with a sensation orgasme suspense, followed by a rapid feeling of grace that is usually felt in the klitoris and then spread to the thigh down. Warm vagina, such as a tingling or electricity. Physical sensation is usually spread through some parts of the body. Most women feel the muscle contraction in the vagina or under their thigh. Excitement around klitoris (both oral and penetration through the penis) to make the parts other sensitive body to feel the tension to a head.

The man is more or less the same theory. Only a couple different anatomy course .. Men also experienced a sharp contraction favors and strong, the musculature involved in sex, and the surrounding

I answer a relaxed intimate relations take the form of sex because the male fitting when the woman entered into sex. Like a Bag of knives. Try shaped stick together ... definitely sick ...

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