Monday, April 6, 2009

You can make the 7 wonders of the world order itself. Why?

Yes at this time because the order of the world can marvel at the voting by all the people in the world. The beginning of the list of 7 wonders of the world is this ancient Sidon Antipater, an anthology of Greek miracle register structure in the world of poetry on a 140 Before Christ .... (Antipater was surely the have a taste for literature masterly narrative 7 wonders of the world the beauty of this).

This category:

7 ancient wonders of the world:

@ Helios Greek sculpture, Taman Gantung Babilonia @ Iraq, Turkey The Mausolus @, @ lighthouse Pharos of Egypt, Giza @ Piramida Egypt, Statue @ Zeus and the Greek Temple of Artemis in Turkey.

7 wonders of the world average:

Catacomb Kom El Shoqafa, @ Colosseum Italy, China @ China Wall, Hagia Sophia @ Turkey, Italy Pisa tower, pine china Nanjing China, Stonehenge UK.

7 natural wonders of the world:

USA Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef Australia, Port of Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Tibet Mount Everest, Aurora borealis (Nortehrn Lights), Mount Merapi in Mexico Paricutin, Victoria falls in South Africa.

7 wonders of the world under the water:

Belize Barrier Reef, Deep-Sea Vents, Galapagos Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Lake Baikal, Northern Red Sea and Palau

7 modern wonders of the world:

Channel tunnel in the UK & France, in Canada, CN Tower, Empire State Building in the U.S., the Golden Gate Bridge, Itaipu Dam in Brazil and Paraguay, Delta Works in the Netherlands, Panama and the canal

Well, the first primary school age, when the digits are still 1900an years, 7 wonders of the world I usually called in the textbooks of schools, this :

Kabah in Saudi Arabia, China Wall, Borobudur, Eiffel Tower, Colosseum in Rome, Pisa slope Tower, Taj Mahal and India

Currently, the site seen in Lake Toba is in the order of 31 to 77-nomine seven natural wonders of the world, the Komodo National Park is in the order to the 28-and Vulkanik Krakatau island in order to-34. Order melorot from the previous, ie, 26 to Lake Toba, 24 to Komodo National Park, and 29 for the island of Krakatau Vulkanik. Lake Toba is a lake vulkanik, the lake that appears as volcanic eruptions. Based on the allegations of geological, Mount Toba never erupt around 75,000 years ago. Now the impact of the explosion are still examined by the researchers in various countries.

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