Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why not plant flowers?

There are several causes of flowering plants are reluctant to flower. If it happens to your pet plant, try the following tricks.

Annoyed if they prefer plants never flower blooming again. In fact it seems, he was good only to buy time. Those who can not wait may soon pull out and replace with new plants.

If this happens on your plants flower, do not pull a hurry, let alone remove them. Note first the plant and the environment around them. Maybe this needs to flowering plants is not fulfilled, so he reluctant flowering. There are some things that might be the cause.

1. Note the placement of plants. Does he get enough sunlight, or not. Many plants that become slow growth and not flowering, because of lack of sunlight. If so, that means you need to move this plant. Diligent or industrious move-rich area to the sun, especially in the morning.

2. Leaves that are too dense. Some types of plants, not flowering when leaves are too thick. Therefore, do the trimming on a regular basis, especially after the flowering period.
3. Too much sun exposure. Try to see the leaves. If many colors and the color, dry, meaning the plant is exposed to too much sun. This can also cause the plant is not fertile and can not flowering. Should avoid the plants from the afternoon sun is blazing. Unless the plants are resistant to hot sun.
4. Planting and hard media elements less burly. If this is the case, you need to reclaim back the planting media. If you need to replace the media with the new plant. If you need to add additional nutrients as fertilizer. Very fertile soil that affect plant growth.

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