Monday, April 6, 2009

Acts of Kaguya daughter to Mount Fuji

At the age old grandfather grandmother living in a pair of remote villages. Employment is the grandfather of bamboo woodcutter. On a day when the grandfather cut the bamboo, he sees bamboo as a luminous gold. Because it's not, then the grandfather cut bamboo and bamboo in the fact that children of women who found approximately 9 cm high. The grandfather and the child returned to her home. Until its in the home, grandfather and grandmother to tell them the name the child Kaguya. After treating Kaguya, each grandfather went to the mountain to chop down the bamboo, the bamboo is certainly found gold. They became prosperous life thanks to Kaguya.
Kaguya daughter not feel her daughter grow into a very beautiful beauty until it spread to all corners of the country. Many people are of the kingdom until the officials want to gain Kaguya daughter, but somehow my daughter Kaguya reject their applications.

Kaguya daughter thinking how to reject applicants with orders to bring their goods to the impossible. Who succeeded in bringing the goods you want the girl, then he will receive an application from one of them. Items are sacred to the Buddha bowl, a necklace made of dragon ball eyes, luminous fan and others. The man came with the goods requested, but all the stuff that brought the counterfeit goods because the girls are found Kaguya is impossible on earth.

Night full moon coming soon. While looked months, Kaguya daughter wept in grief. Grandfather and grandmother are worried how his daughter felt sad pity. Finally on August 8, daughter Kaguya convey his feelings to the grandfather and grandmother. He confessed that he actually comes from the days and must return to the days when the full moon arrives. Kaguya sad because my daughter to leave the grandfather and grandmother who loved them. Because they do not want to lose a daughter Kaguya, the grandfather and grandmother tried to maintain my daughter when the daughter Kaguya met by the messenger to return month to month. But business is futile. Finally, my daughter went to the Kaguya months.

As a memento and a thank you, daughter Kaguya no Fushi give kusuri (medicine eternal life) to the grandfather and grandmother who is caring for them. Unfortunately, the grandfather of burn medicine because he can feel even eternal life with the drugs that, without any side in their Kaguya no sense it. Grandfather to burn the drugs on the highest mountain peak in Japan. Mountain, where the grandfather and then burn the drugs that are named Fushi no yama (mountain, eternal), and the mountain is now known as Fujiyama. I wonder drug that was burned on the mountain, Mount Fuji is always to make removing the smoke.

Mount Fuji is a mountain immortality or call the Japan Fuji san (san means mountains, a special mention for Fuji mountain) is the active volcano located on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture. Mount Fuji is the altitude of 3776 M. This mountain is a symbol for the country than the Japanese sakura flowers. I wonder, is strictly prohibited woman was climbing this mountain, Mount Fuji because Dewi jealous..

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