Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Real story

Animals with a certain kind of face is similar HUMAN

1. Human-faced Carp

Fish is a kind of Koi fish. This unique fish in many countries Japan and Korea. Fish is highly sought-search by the collector in the two countries page. That this fish is similar to the human form of the eyes.

2. Skull Back Spider

This may be one of the rare spider in the world. The spider is similar to human bone structure because of his head similar to the structure of the human in general.

3. Heike Crab

This crab was first found in Japan in the year 1185. This strange crabs found in the coastal region around Japan at the time of major sea battle.

4. Samurai Beetle

Again, this unique beetle found in Japan. In the beetle wing this image there is a face of Japanese samurai. Truly unique and bizarre.

5. Death 's Head Hawk Moth

I do this one type of animal insects. At the back there is a human face-like image.

I do number 4 and 5, do not face similar, how the structure of the body I like the human face

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