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Mystery House Ghost AmityVille

In December 1975, George and Kathleen and their children moved to a house at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large colonial style home in Amityville Netherlands, an environment in the outskirts of the city in the south of Long Island, New York.

Thirteen months before the family moved Lutz, Ronald DeFeo, Jr.., Previous owners, have shot dead six members of his family in the house. 28 days after the Lutz family lived at home, they start to feel weird things with the house.

This section is based on the book written by Jay Anson, 1977, The Amityville Horror - A True Story.

Jay Anson (1921-1980), author is The Amityville Horror

House numbered 112 at the Ocean Avenue has been empty for 13 months after the DeFeo to kill his family members, until in December 1975 Lutz family purchased the house for $ 80,000. The house has six rooms were built with the Dutch colonial style, and has a vaulted roof. This house is equipped with a swimming pool and a boat storage area. George and Kathy were married in July 1975 and have their own home, but want to start again with a new house has. Kathy has three children from previous marriage, Daniel (9), Christopher (7), and Melissa aka Missy (5). They also have a Labrador dog that is named Harry. During the checks when they buy a house, by their agents have been notified about the murder done by DeFeo, but they assume it is not the problem.

To the Lutz family moved in on December 18, 1975. Most of the furniture of the DeFeo family are still there, because everything is included in the sale and purchase agreement. A friend George Lutz has been learned about the past history of the house, and urged them to do so that the evil spirit ritual expulsion. But they do not understand the ropes. George knew a Catholic Priest named Father Ray, and he is willing to do the ritual expulsion evil spirits. (In the book mentioned the name of Anson Priest is Father Mancuso. This is done to maintain the privacy of Priest, the original name was Father Ralph J. Pecoraro). Father Mancuso is a lawyer, priest, Catholic, and a psicoterapy living in the Sacred Heart Rectory. He arrived to perform the blessing on the evening of 18 December 1975 at George and Kathy are unload their goods. When he flick the first holy water and began to pray, he heard a clear voice that says "Out!" - "Get out!". When leaving the house, he does not recount the incident to the George and Kathy. On 24 December 1975, Father Mancuso call George Lutz and counsel so that he does not use the space where he has heard a strange sound is. This room is a room used as planned Kathy sewing room, and bedroom was Marc and John Matthew DeFeo. Phone conversations are interrupted abruptly, and the next visit to the house lead to the Father Mancuso suffering a high fever on the arm and found it similar to a sign marked stigmata.

In the beginning, George and Kathy Lutz did not feel that strange things with their homes. But then, they feel that "each of them living in a different house."

Some of the Lutz family's experiences are described as follows:

* George always awakened at about 03:15 the same morning each, and then out to the house boat storage. Estimated time is the time where DeFeo to kill his family members.
* House they were disturbed by a group fly in every winter.
* Kathy get bad dreams about the murder and during which he conducted the house purchase approvals. Their children also began sleeping with the same position when the dead body found DeFeo.
* Kathy feel as though "being be embraced" with a full strength by the love that is not visible.
* Kathy found a small hidden room (around four feet) behind the basement. Red painted walls and a room that does not appear in the sketch the house. The room was then known by the name "The Red Room." This room has a dog of their Harry, who always refused to come up and squat always seems to feel something negative.
* It's cold, the smell and dirt in the perfume house, where there is no channel or path for the air source.
* Their daughter aged five years, Missy, his imagination relate friend named "Jodie" who have eyes that are red.
* George always built by beating noise front door. He will soon be down to the floor and find the dog sleeps with their loud voice in front of the door. There are no other people who hear it except him.
* To hear what George described as "German Marching bands" such as radio or sound that is not in the set with the appropriate frequency. However, when it was down to the floor, rumbling stops.
* George realize that he has strong similarities with Ronald DeFeo, Jr.., Often drunk and started on The Witches' Brew, a bar where DeFeo was one of its customers.
* Once again the place where a ship on the night, George saw a pair of red eyes are the window of attention her bedroom Missy. When he went over to see it, he does not find anything. Then conclude that it is "Jodie".
* When sleeping place, the former Kathy get red in the chest is caused by an invisible force, and he was about two feet from the bed.
* Key, windows, and doors in the house damaged by a power that is not visible.
* There is the claw of the beast in the snow and then connected with a large pig on 1 January 1976.
* From the wall and hall door keyhole of the playroom in the attic out of the green mud.
* A 12 inch cross the swing Kathy found in a small room attached upside down and give off the smell.
* George tripped by a ceramic Chinese lions that have approximately four feet high, which is then used to leave one bite on the feet.
* Kathy George to see a change to an old woman who was about 90-an, "with ragged hair, the face wrinkling and shape, and saliva from the mouth that will not have teeth."

George and Kathy Lutz, surrounded with a variety of media that they review the case

After deciding that there is something wrong with their house, which can not be explained in rational, George and Kathy Lutz perform a ritual ejection rod wicked way with their own on 8 January 1976. George holds a cross made of silver while both read The Prayer of King, and from their living room, supposedly a lot of people heard the sound of the choir have requested that they stop: "Will you stop!".

In mid-January 1976, and after the expulsion of evil spirits ceremony performed by George and Kathy, they experienced events that would be the last night they were in the house. Lutz family felt that all the events that occur as a very frightening thing, "too frightening".

After consultation with Father Mancuso, they decided to take some of the goods belong to them and decided to stay at home mother Kathy near Deer Park, New York. On 14 January 1976, George and Kathy Lutz and their children with third their dog Harry, leave home and leave lots of stuff behind the house. Next day, a craftsman assigned to move the goods to be sent to the Lutz family. He reported there is not a normal phenomenon in the house.

This book was written after Tam Mossman, an editor at the publisher Prentice Hall to introduce George and Kathy Lutz Jay Anson to. They do not work directly with Anson, but delivered through a tape recording be around 45 hours, which then becomes the basis for writing this book. Estimated sales of this book to reach ten million copies of some editions. Anson said, taking a basic book title "The Amityville Horror" from "The Dunwich Horror" HP column Lovecraft published in 1929.

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