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Legend Duyung

There are many stories of Japanese cow, but the story of this one based on the ancient legend 1400 years ago. One story that comes from the story of Shinto belief in the city of Fujinomiya feet near Mount Fuji, Japan.

In one of the Shinto temple Fujinomiya stored in a mummy cow at 170 cm age 1400 years. This mummy is one of the oldest and the biggest cow that is now still in Japan.

Shape of a mummy cow raising, big head, round, and bald, only a little hair that grows in front of the head to the nose. Eyes and mouth open look. He has a pair of hands with sharp nails (20 cm).

Half the top of the body like a human and a half in the bottom of the fish-like tails. However, his bone structure is not known for sure how the form has not been examined.

Legend of the cow appears on this monster, son of the crown Japan Shotoku (Shotoku Taishi) in the years 574-622 BC. Shotoku time running through the edge of Lake Biwa. Be imprisoned when he suddenly emerged from a monster in the lake on Shotoku cried that he was a fisherman who cursed monster cow well into the half-half fish, because the deeds of the past is that often kill animals to eat.

It was a new claim to understand his mistake and hope that he becomes a warning to all people not to make the murder of animals. This message was delivered to the world in the future. Because the monster is requested so that he (the dead later) dried and placed in a temple as a warning for mankind.

After the messages that monster cow was dead. Shotoku then ponder the words dry up and become mummy cow. Upon request of the cow, the son of a temple crown up to the mummy cow.

During this 1400 years old mummy hand moved up to eventually be placed in the Temple of Shinto in Fujinomiya until now. The existence of this mummy is connected with the belief that abstinence or kill animals called vegetarian life style.

"Duyung-cow" of real
Is not known whether certain legends concerning cow came from the story real or not. However, based on scientific research in some of the cow in the past often told, is the animal-inhabited special animal.

Some of the special animals that until now still live in fresh or salt water. Animals-animals that this is often equated as a cow. Perhaps because his life habit, shape and performance that is similar. Moreover, when viewed from a distance.

Animal-animal is known as "dugong", "manatee" and "sea cows". The three species have similar body shape, but living in different aquatic environments. Classified as a mammal like breastfeeding and bask in the reef-edge and the edge, or complain and shrill voice.

Dugong is a sea mammal eater plants. Can be found in shallow coastal areas India, South Pacific (the east coast region of Africa to northern Australia), coastal waters of Papua and other islands in the Pacific. Dugong gray-brown color, the body along the 2.7 meters and capable of living up to the age of 70 years.

Manatee. There are three types of manatee is already known. There is life in the Caribbean and along the southeast coast of South America.

There in the waters along the coast and estuary rivers Florida (USA), and a third type of life in the fresh waters of the river Amazon. Manatee is a life in fresh water and salt water. Manatee gray color, with a body length 4 meters.

Sea Cow. Was first found and identified in 1741 near the Commander Islands in the Bering Sea. Cattle usually love the sea life in shallow waters near the coast. Body size can be as long as 7.6 meters and a bit gray-brown color with polka dot pattern uncertain.

The three animals that feed their children included in this group ordo (group) animals called mammals sirenia water.

Naming groups of mammals is made of water scientists based on ancient beliefs (mythology), that animal-animal sirenia believed this is the first of the sea as sirens or cow.

Legend Duyung, Human Being Half Half Fish
During thousands of years old cow has become legend. Trusted as being the embodiment of half-human half-fish. From the western hemisphere to the east, north and south. Stories cow coloring treasure mystery and mythology of the sea.

Based on the legendary cow is the water being half human and half-body fish again. The waist to the top usually shaped body beautiful women and waist to the bottom of the closed shell, such as large fish tails. Story about cow is almost the same as or similar in any hemisphere, so it becomes a universal legend.

Review of Greek mythology, the cow is as beautiful teaser sea. Who tempted petition the cow he will meet one's fate. Babilonia, but people consider cow as a sea god called Ea or Oannes. However, this is a male cow.

Another ancient mythology (Greek and Roman) also mentions that the cow is being attached to the sea gods such as Poseidon, Neptune and Triton. Cow-cow is generally the form of well-being of women with a beautiful sweet face, a certain kind of breast plump, luminous, but from the waist down to like fish tails.

Duyung first appear in the mythology of Assyria (1000 BC). Atargatis, the mother of the queen of Assyria, Semiramis, is the goddess of love but a shepherd and killed him because he rejected love. He felt ashamed to jump in the lake and turned into fish. In the transformation redeem shame he turned into cow.

Then, during the period 500 BC, cow story sounded more of a philosopher of Ionia (the Greek) named Anaximander. He argued that the human species originated from one animal of water. Theory is then referred to as the evolution of water animals to humans. Opinions on this as justification that the cow is the animal that is being evolved into humans.

So popular is this cow, so listed in the script and parchment-old script. Notes that, in Alexander the Great, the Macedonian authorities, (356-323 BC), there are stories in the cow there. Sister named Alexander Thessalonike mentioned changes to cow after his death.

Legend and story of this cow to spread everywhere. Told by the sea and ocean explorers. Cow generally be described as beautiful women, have tails, fish, long, tuneful voice, like coral reefs and sunbathing on the beach edge. However, there is no definitive evidence about the existence. The Stars, except in the form of sketches and ancient currency envisaged in the Corinthian (Greek).

However, there is a book that many in 1718 in Amsterdam Netherlands, a strip of life concerning various animals in the Indian Ocean. This book has a description of the article, various sketches and pictures. In this book there is a note concerning cow detail:

"There are tangible monster fish half woman, caught in the waters of Amboyna (cluster Maluku archipelago, Indonesia).

Based on the measurements throughout the body have 59 inches (147.5 cm), shaped like a sea eel (MOA). Being only survive as long as 103 hours (4.5 days) after arrested, and died at the aquarium. During incarceration fed small fish and other seafood, but it does not respond to the food. "

Presumably cow is still a mystery. Have trusted, but the evidence is not seen until now been a matter of certainty that there existed cow legend. Experts concluded that even the possibility that cow is a mammal of water known as the dugong, manatee and sea cow, which be thought by seamen past.

Duyung the famous tale
Even if it was fear Him by many in the party, the matter of cow story is also interesting for children. One myth about the famous cow that is the fruit of storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

Andersen paper titled "The Little Mermaid (1836)" became a popular myth concerning the cow and is translated into various languages. Even this story has been aired in the cartoon version with the same title by Walt Disney, but with a bit of edits at the end.

Original version of Andersen, adapt the story into a patron of the cow that always ended with the trial. Telling stories concerning the cow obsessed with life on land and are interested in a prince. To be changed it must become a man willing to lose his voice (mute). However, after a man, the prince did not reply because he was dumb love. Finally, the cow can not enjoy life and despair.

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