Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why do People Tend To Look For New Jobs???

1. Stress
If every morning you never go to the office of guts and the body of a sudden illness, that you have fell ill omen stress is high enough. The causes could be due to the association in the office environment is no longer comfortable, work overload, and so forth. The high stress can affect the mental and physical health you. So, do not delay anymore, Now is probably time for you to find a new job or a place of minimal stress.

2. Careers no changes
If you feel a career in the office at the road, moving to a new place is a reasonable solution be feasible. With the experience you have, many companies that need you and you are willing to put in a better position.

3. Need more money
Now in place may be difficult once you ask for a salary increase and other things. But in a new place, your value will be much higher.

During the interview you can work from the beginning of the negotiating salary as you want.

4. Better facilities
If you frequently complain that the facilities you may have been inadequate in the office, you can get this in a new place. Of the bids that came, of course you choose a company that provides the best facilities, is not it?

5. Take
In the office you now difficult to set aside time to spare, because the time you finished the job in the office. With the search for new jobs, you can choose a job that does not sequester much of your time. For example, if your office hours is not stabilized, often with overtime or shift, you can choose the job that have the hours of work nine to five.

6. Old in the street
Distance far away from home or traffic jams to make your office is often in the old way. Physically tired to be sure. One solution is for the workplace, the more affordable. With the search for a new place, you can choose the location of a more strategic.

7. Companies that are more
If you want to work in a more famous company, you should be willing to leave the company now. Working in a company that has a good reputation can increase the value you sell.

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