Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How often do make chapfallen ....??

Relationship with her husband in order to remain intimate, you have to recognize that things are usually not preferred by the husband of his wife.

1. Do not like TOO Hobbies
Generally, most husbands do not like is prohibited or restricted by his wife. Moreover, if the hobby is that it has been like, he will certainly protest. However hobby is associated with joy and satisfaction to its inward.

What should be done:
No need to anger or protest on the husband, just because he was late with his hobby. For, long before you officially become his wife is, hobby is more familiar in their lives first. So, if the husband loves the hobby of the time forget, there are easy ways you can do. Ask for the husband to reduce the intensity distribution is a little hobby of his. For example, if almost every week before he went fishing, fishing in order to ask for it 2 times a month only. If possible, take it and the family. Thus, even though he was busy with his hobby, togetherness with family still awake.

2. TOO Set
"Papa must go home before 8 tonight, yes. Can not be over. Moreover, first gathered together friends! "Attitude set the hobby was not preferred, because this involves a limited space. Usually,not according to the husband, but it is becoming increasingly

What should be done:
When the husband is often home late at night through office hours, remind him that do not come home at night. Say that you and the children waiting to have dinner together. You can also submit via SMS.
The most important is how your delivery. We recommend, remind him with the words that well heard, with the word love and full attention. Usually, the husband will be very aware that the presence of families be expected.

3. Requested change the
Husband to the top with a long and shaggy hair and a funky, for example, of course, will not comfortable if you suddenly change the request. Hair cut or a more cleanly, for example. Remember, he was more confident with the current appearance.

What should be done:
Meaning you do good, want to see the husband to appear neat and authoritative. But if the style is already a part of herself and her husband feel comfortable with that style, it is rather difficult to change it immediately. You can do is to give input. For example, "Papa What appears more neatly trimmed hair a bit "Ghana is without force is usually more powerful rather than force.

4. Force-induced
Anyone would feel reluctant if forced to do something outside the will. Similarly, the husband. Force you buy a set of gold jewelry, force dinner outside the home he occupied at the time to wait for broadcast TV in football, certainly not something wise. As a result, the commotion can happen between you and the husband.

What should be done:
The key, smart view the situation and condition. If you want to buy my husband something, see if that is possible or not. A good time to say your desire is on the husband when he is feeling happy. For example, if you want the jewelry, said when he received a salary increase or a tender. If you would like to invite to its dinner, say when the football is winning. Usually, someone who is happy fulfill what is required by any of the requested by the person they love.

5. TOO dictate
Many wives dictate that a husband too. In fact, the husband is not a small child who must dictate to do this-that. Do not wonder if he finally felt annoyed because your dictation steadily.

What should be done:
Many things can be done without having to dictate. It is important, there is communication between you both. For example, if you want the husband to spend some time on you and your children, try as you discuss both are relaxed. On the table, for example. At the time it is, you can discuss things during this last wedge. An agreement to share the task in terms of childcare, for example. Husband's duty, escort children to school, while the duty to meet you.

6. Excessive jealousy
Not all husband's jealous wife happy. Moreover, if the jealousy of his wife is already past limits with a jealous or blind. No wind no rain, you suddenly accuse husbands children with another woman, for example. Sometimes, it is only the trivial, such as reduced attention to the husband. You have directly offended, do not feel or be in love again by her husband. Usually a feeling jealous that covered only did what her husband does not look to be another woman. Monitor the space for the husband, for example.

What should be done:
Jealousy can be a sign of love to your husband. But if you do is excessive jealousy, of another problem. This means that you can impeach her husband's love. Clear, consider first the
clear what the trigger your jealousy. What is a woman, or simply no longer get attention. In the pair already have children, husbands sometimes more attention forth to her children
than his wife. He does not need to consider giving full attention to his wife as at the beginning of first marriage. This is often the wife does not realize. So, no need to blind the jealous husband without a clear reason.

7. Always suspected
Feeling always suspect and never will be trusted to make the husband feel uncomfortable. Especially when your husband was suspicious of something that is not fair on the back of you. For example, children have been suspicious, but its not necessarily the truth.

What should be done:
If you feel that something a wedge in the heart and related to the follow-horn husband, no one asked him directly. This will preclude you from put-founded suspicion not on the husband. But remember, should hold his emotions when you regret you. Also avoid questions that make my husband angry. Look for the right time, for example, when leaving bed. If your husband disprove suspicions with a reasonable reason, not prejudice the need to continue. The skeptic may, for indeed there is evidence. If not you trust a husband, then who else?

8. Sauce
"You what is this, so it is not capable!" The high-pitched like this do not often we find out from the mouth of the wife. Husband's position as head of the family that should be respected, they no longer matter. In fact, not infrequently done in front of children. Remember, not all can receive the husband's wife that attitude.

What should be done:
Emotions can, because the one thing that is very humane. Moreover, if the husband will not comply with the heart. But, you should not make a snap especially embarrassed in front of children or general, is not it? Even if he make a mistake, give advice only when you both are. Release your regret and disappointment. May be emotional, but remain in the limits. And that should be remembered, you should still respect them as a husband.

9. NOT appreciated
Many wives who seem to behave no longer respect her husband again. The causes of many and varied. It's because of the position of the husband of the wife is below, in terms of social background, financial or career. Or his wife's far more interesting in comparison husband. These things are often the wife who then become arrogant. In the eyes, the husband is just complement status. As a result, the husband and the minder did not feel valued, and his wife also be haphazardly on.

What should be done:
Marriage is something sacred. So, once you decide to make a man living as a couple, receive it with the lack of variety and its advantages. If he can accept the lack of
You, why you can not accept the lack of it? Do not look her husband in terms of material or physical appearance, but respect him as head of household.

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