Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Japan Society and the Concept of Faerie

Japan is one country that is unique and has a historical background on the footing that it supranatural. Society of Japan believes that the strength of the human mind can enter into another dimension filled with extraordinary strength. World supranatural Japan to explain how good that can not be explained and a way to enter more. It can be said as a spiritual search for the mystical search. Wonders ubiquitous and miraculous events that supranatural may be waiting on the next corner.
In the Japanese mind, when someone dies his spirit to leave this life to the eternal world, after reaching the destination is its spirit must spend some time in between the level of presence in a place that is not clear and not definitive.

This is where the spirit can be a ghost that can haunt's or the people who still have a strong relationship with it. The spirit continues to haunt these people in the world to have someone or something that can deliver them back to continue the journey toward eternity.
The concept of the supernatural nature of the Japanese is as follows:
a. For Japan, all the natural phenomena of living (animate) or not living (inanimate) even though man-made objects have the potential to become a living, if entered by unseen spirits.
b. Special supernatural power or function of the spirit or deity can have a relationship directly or indirectly with the nature of the vessel where it willed. Evidence of dissociation between the resting place of the gods with it, lies in the belief that a god with a particular function can only have some rest and different functions.
In Japan the tradition of some being smooth, are:

1.? (Onryou)
Onryou is a vengeful ghost to other people during his life on and usually die after he did not calm the spirit to give back to those people. It appears Onryou usually described as follows:
1. Long hair disheveled.
2. Use white kimono.
3. Wrist to dangle down.
4. Usually do not appear to set foot lands.

2nd? (Ubume)
Public confidence in Japan, Ubume her ghost is a woman who died when the (bear in grave ago) so that the children are still babies and are always ghost again to treat their children with the confectionery. When in Indonesia is similar to a ghost or Kuntilanak Sundel air. Ubume it appears almost the same as it appears Onryou, only provided that the story is different.

3 .???( Funa Yuurei)
Funa Yuurei is a ghost that came from people who died in the middle of the oceans. They usually appeared on the passenger ship and pretend to request assistance to the passengers, after that they will ship to reverse so that all passengers died.

4 .???? (Zashiki Warashi)
Zashiki Warashi is the specter that the shape of the children who often puckish than dangerous. This ghost can also called Zashiki-bokko. Zashiki cover can be defined as a house or tatami floor while Warashi is the ghost children. It appears Zashiki Warashi is like a child aged about 5 or 6 years. Periwigged smacking and sanguine. When in Indonesia, such as the ghost is called tuyul (Indonesia). Usually ghost children roam around the house and find this ghost's attention to the way the manifold, such as the feet leave impressions on the floor, blast music in the living room or sit down suddenly on the futon. This ghost appeared most pleased at the small children. Perhaps because of their contemporary age.

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